Sunday, August 21, 2005

Getting Out Alive

Well another interesting interview. Got invited to the Wilds of Kentucky to do an interview for a Classic ASP development position for a military subcontractor. More to come...

Friday, August 12, 2005

Change Management or Manage Change

Well, after spending a week on a project through another contracter and acting behind the scenes I have become a huge supporter of Change Management or changing the management.  I have recreated the same 5 functions over and over because every time the customer thinks something out loud the manager of the project says ok and we make the change - good, bad, doesn't matter - no discussion and no explaining the consequences to the customer. Of course we are now back to square one on 3 of the 5 and I expect to change the other 2 back tomorrow. A week wasted, I should not complain, I am getting paid by the hour, but it is a matter of principle, there are right ways to manage a project. Client expectations need to be managed correctly and also client requests.  

On the permanent job front there is no change - did 3 tech interviews this week. 2 went well and 1 was less than my best moment. We will see if anything comes of them.

After spending hours in the hell spawned mire that is our local government I finally got an answer to my question on paying my child support with a credit card - and the answer was yes. Of course a few more hours later finding out how to do this lead to - But not with any credit card I have. Argh! My faith in our election and selection processes for our government is shaken daily.

Every day is a holiday and every meal a feast - quote from my platoon sargent in the Corps. My sentiments these days exactly..

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Trading In and How to Track 'em

I have spent the day working on adding the ability for customers to offer trade in books at my used book store. Worked out the how to make it function as a business decision and had to then incorporate that into the store itself.  I managed to remove some security from a few admin pieces to allow the items to be added, edited, etc using the same basic record layout that the product database uses but into a new table, this way if the offer is accepted and the books arrive I can automate moving them into the inventory. Decided to not have customers upload images as I assume a large percentage would require work to make them presentable and the security issues around uploading hardly make it worth the trouble. I worked up all the code to add/edit/delete the items, tied them together with the customer id - then realized it could be a long time between the offer, it being accepted and the arrival of the trade-ins. Need a secondary identifier to mark each group as unique in case a customer trade-ins another batch of items. Added a timestamp and had to back through everything to make it part of the functionality. Set up the email to be sent when a batch is submitted and the online link in the mail for viewing the batch. Need to finish the offering and acceptance functions and it will go live. The offer is temporaily stored and then once the items arrive and are checked out as ok that credit is assigned to the customer account. I will need to set up the piece that checks the customer credit during the order process.  Back to work..

Friday, August 05, 2005

Comic Trading and Recruiters

Another day of talking with recruiters and learning once again that most of them do not comprehend the English language. They call and give me the position specs for a J2EE, WebSphere Architect - to which I say sorry I am most definately not qualified for this position - pretty easy to understand I think. But no I get a call back in 20 minutes - your tech interview is tonight at 5:00PM. Now it is bad enough that they are setting me up to look like an idiot, but they also set me up to do it during my wife's birthday dinner.  I attempt to reason with the recruiter about the situation - only to determine that they used to be a government employee (see previous post).  I do the only logic thing and wash my hands of the recruiter and any chance of ever getting any job at the company they set up the interview with and go and drink heavily all through my wife's dinner.

What does this have to do with comic trading? Nothing except I went out to check my comic trading site when we returned from dinner and discovered a couple of bugs I needed to fix. Now the site has been up for around 2 years and the functions that the bugs appeared in have been used hundreds of times before with no bugs - how does a bug appears in old code that has not been modified for well over a year....another mystery of the multiverse..

Good Night!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Welcome to my life

Due to the completely idiotic thought processes of my local government employees I am still out of work and pissed off.  I had a decent job offer made to me but because I am out of work  - my child support is behind - to assist me in obtaining employment the genuis' in the government suspend my driver's license, thus costing me the job. When I ask how this is helping my daughter for whom I pay the support, they respond that it forces me to get a job. Now I have paid child support for 13 years and never missed a payment until I lost my job, I have had the same case worker for the 13 years, I would think that it would occur to her that I am not trying to avoid paying - I would have done that a hell of a long time ago - but that I am having difficulty finding a job. Ohio is in the midst of an employment depression but that is not considered. I ask  her how I can get my license back - the answer is - get a job. I try to explain that getting a job without a license and without any public transport is virtually impossible and her response is that I should not have lost my last job. Well oddly as it must be for her to understand - I did not choose to lose my job - the company went out of business.  I fully understand how people reach the point where they show up at government buildings with uzis and bombs - unfortunately I have no license so cannot get there...